Circuit Board Engineer

With Tekn Energy’s strong PCB Engineer Support, We can provide assistance with Impedance Calculations, as well as unique solutions to complex design issues.

Panelization or Board Array Configuration Provided

1/4 mil plotting resolution

Over 200 Design for Manufacturability checks

Complete file editing capabilities

Compatible with all common PCB design software

Gerber files

HPGL files

File Conversion

FTP & E-Mail file transfer

Sotware Tools:


Mentor PADS 2007

Valor Genesis 2000

Advanced CAM technologies CAM 350.

Lavanier View 2001

Mania Silver Writer 8820 Photoplotter

Carnfeldt GL 361 Film Processor

Gerber Cresent 30 Photoplotters

Kodak Kodamatic 66S Processor